About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer a better car wash experience by providing reliable service with an incredible shine, while also serving families in our community.

A History of Community Support

Aloma Car Wash is a family-owned business, built by one of the families that owns and operates ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. Our mission has always been to serve families in a variety of ways, including charitable giving. Three of the organizations closest to our Aloma family include:

  • UCP of Central Florida, a non-profit dedicated to empowering children with disabilities.
  • National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer.
  • Shepherd’s Hope, a non-profit that provides free primary care and specialty care medical services to uninsured Central Florida families.

Aloma Car Wash will continue to provide funding to our partners and we would love to support you in your cause. If you’re looking for a fundraising opportunity, fill out the request form below and we will be in touch.




SpinLite™ Wash Technology

Aloma Car wash provides a superior clean with the help of our amazing SpinLite™ Wash Technology. SpinLite™ provides a deep and gentle clean, pairing SpinMitts™ soft foam “hands” with slower-spinning wheels to deliver a relaxing, quiet, and enjoyable experience. SpinMitts™ gently massage your vehicle's surface, working products into your finish and gently loosening dirt and grime, resulting in a better shine than conventional equipment!

This wash is not only great for your car, but also your kids! Fun lights, slower movements, and reduced noises at Aloma prevent a chaotic and stressful experience that children can experience in a wash tunnel.

Interested in working for us?

Learn the ins and outs of the car care industry when you join the Aloma Car Wash Team!